External evaluation of major studies

The technical, communicative and graphic quality of Rigsrevisionen’s publications is evaluated regularly.

Since 2000 a panel of external experts have evaluated the technical quality of our major studies every year, and since 2004 also the way we communicate our audit findings to the readers has been scrutinized at regular intervals. 

Evaluation of our major studies

The technical quality of Rigsrevisionen’s publications is evaluated by an external panel of experts every year. They scrutinize our methodology, audit evidence, and conclusions. The evaluation of how we communicate the audit findings to the readers, and whether we use infographics appropriately to explain complicated processes and topics, is a little less frequent. 

Technical evaluation

The evaluation of the technical quality has focus on the following questions:

  • Is the subject and purpose of the report clearly motivated and delimited?
  • Is it clear why the audit criteria selected are suited to shed light on the purpose?
  • Is it clear why the method chosen is well suited to shed light on the topic of the report?
  • Are the conclusions drawn in balance with the audit evidence that has been highlighted in the report?
  • What is the overall evaluation of the report?

Evaluation of language and use of infographics

The external experts in communication determine whether we communicate in a simple and precise manner, whether the conclusions and argumentation are clear, understandable and convincing, and whether the language is varied and concrete.


Niels Gyldenvang Steffensen