Recent audit reports

August 2021

Report on the audit of the Danish public accounts for 2020

The purpose of the audit was to assess whether the information presented by the government departments in the public accounts is correct.

August 2021

Report on the audit of the Danish government’s administration in 2020

Every year, based on an assessment of risk and materiality, Rigsrevisionen audits selected areas of the administration to assess whether the ministry is acting in compliance with the regulations or supporting economic, efficient and effective public administration. 

About Rigsrevisionen

Rigsrevisionen examines whether government funds are used effectively and as intended by the Danish parliament

Rigsrevisionen holds a unique position in the Danish society. Our mandate gives us unrestricted access to all the information and data we need across the public sector.

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The role of the Public Accounts Committee

The six members of the Public Accounts Committee are appointed by the Parliament and have – as the only external body – authority to ask Rigsrevisionen to carry out major studies of particular policy areas. The committee members meet once a month to review and comment on the reports and memorandums prepared by Rigsrevisionen. Most importantly, the committee reviews Rigsrevisionen’s annual report on the audit of the public accounts and forwards its comments to the accounts to the Parliament.

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