Report on Metroselskabet I/S


Report no. 11/2009

The report is about the overall preparations made by Metroselskabet I/S and the Ministry of Transport prior to the construction of a metro City Circle Line connecting Copenhagen and Frederiksberg. The company is a partnership owned by the Danish government, the City of Copenhagen and the City of Frederiksberg. The company is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the present Metro as well as the future City Circle Line, which in expected to be put into operation in 2018.

The construction of the City Circle Line will be loan financed and according to current assumptions, the debt will be repaid in 2059. The long payback period and the long construction period will require diligent overall management of the long-term budget by Metroselskabet and equally diligent supervision of the company by the Ministry of Transport.

The overall objective of the audit is to assess the total long-term budget of Metroselskabet. The report looks into how the lessons learned during the construction and operation of the stages 1-3 of the Metro are forming part of the overall management of the long-term budget.

Rigsrevisionen has initiated the examination.

Read the 1st chapter of the report (PDF)