Report on the financial position of TV 2 Danmark A/S


Report no. 13/2008

In the course of 2007, TV 2 (national television company) encountered financial difficulties and the company was forced to apply for a temporary state loan. The report is about how management (the board and management) handled TV 2's finances, and the causes of the financial difficulties.

The report presents the results of Rigsrevisionen's audit which was initiated at the request of the Public Accounts Committee.

Rigsrevisionen has assessed the development in TV 2's finances since it was established as a limited company in 2003, and Rigsrevisionen has devoted special attention to the period from mid 2006 to the end of 2007. Rigsrevisionen has examined how management handled TV 2's overall finances, selected business activities, and agreements. The report also includes an assessment of whether the Ministry of Culture's supervision - in its capacity as owner of TV 2 - has been adequate.