Report on Dansk Tipstjeneste A/S


Report no. 6/2002

Dansk Tipstjeneste A/S (The Danish Pools and Lottery Company) is a corporate group consisting of the parent company, Dansk Tipstjeneste A/S, and subsidiaries DanToto A/S and Dansk Automatspil A/S. In accordance with the relevant legislation, the group has an exclusive right to supply certain forms of betting and gambling. Dansk Tipstjeneste’s profits are distributed according to rules laid down by the Danish Parliament for sporting, cultural and other non-profit purposes.

The report gives an account of the rules and conditions of the monopoly provided to Dansk Tipstjeneste A/S and its subsidiary DanToto A/S, as well as their functions and tasks, including the rules and conditions for Dansk Automatspil A/S; furthermore, the report describes the administration and accounts of Dansk Tipstjeneste A/S and its subsidiaries. Finally, the report assesses whether the development of the expenses or other conditions in Dansk Tipstjeneste A/S and its subsidiaries are marked by the actual monopoly on certain forms of gambling, as well as whether the future financial development in the companies is resting on a sound basis.