Performance targets

Every year, in January, Rigsrevisionen’s executive team set the performance targets for the current year.

Rigsrevisionen's strategic plan provides the basis for the development of our performance targets. Achievement of the performance targets helps us fulfil our mission and the promises we have made to our stakeholders. Progress against the targets is reported in our annual report.

Performance targets in 2021

  1. Minimum 25 per cent of the reports submitted to the Danish Public Accounts Committee are cross-departmental.
  2. The economic or other consequences of our audit findings are described in our major studies and in our audit opinions on compliance and performance audit, if findings have been critical.
  3. Three of the reports we submit to the Danish Public Accounts Committee are focused on potential improvements within efficiency, effectiveness and economy.
  4. The technical quality of our reports is given a rating of “satisfactory” by the external evaluators.
  5. Ninety per cent of all unresolved issues in the audit reports are addressed within three calendar years, i.e. the measures implemented by the responsible ministers to meet the criticism are considered satisfactory and adequate by the auditor general.
  6. The technical quality of the reports on the audit of the Danish public accounts 2020 and the goverment’s administration 2020 are both given a rating of ”satisfactory” by the external evaluators.


Niels Gyldenvang Steffensen