Our work

Rigsrevisionen is independent in its planning and choice of audit approach. We perform the audit on behalf of the Danish parliament and our reports are published on our website. 

The purpose of our audit is to: 

  • Increase trust in public accounts and support parliamentary control with public money
  • Increase the public's insight into the administration through independent, objective and reliable information
  • Increase the accountability of the administration and support change through new insights and well-founded recommendations 

Key Task

Our key task is the annual financial audit of the government accounts, but we also carry out studies of specific policy areas, such as the quality of infrastructure and service delivery in the health sector. We scrutinize the implementation, outputs and outcomes of policies – not the merits of policies. 

Three types of audit

Audits are carried out either as financial audit, compliance audit or performance audit – or a mix of the three. All audits are based on an assessment of materiality and risk. Some audits concern only one government department, whereas others address issues across two or more departments. 

Public-sector auditing standards

Our audits are performed based on a set of seven national standards for public sector auditing (SOR) that stipulate the professional requirements that our audits should meet. These requirements are in full compliance with the fundamental principles of public-sector auditing prescribed in ISSAI 100 (INTOSAI's International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions). 

For further information, please contact Niels Gyldenvang Steffensen (+45 33 92 83 46).

Last updated on 04 July 2018

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