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Rigsrevisionen reports the results of the annual audit and major studies to the Public Accounts Committee. Subsequently, we and the Public Accounts Committee follow up the results to ascertain whether the ministries act on our recommendations. This follow-up procedure is unique in an international perspective and contributes to ensuring that the audits are effective.



The members of the Public Accounts Committee discuss and add their comments to Rigsrevisionens reports, before they are forwarded to the parliament.

At the same time the Public Accounts Committee ask the responsible minister to submit his/her comments to the audit findings. 

Within two to four months, as determined by the Public Accounts Committee, the minister shall inform Rigsrevisionen and the Committee of the measures that the department will implement to meet the recommendations.

On the basis of this statement, Rigsrevisionen submits a follow-up memorandum to the Public Accounts Committee, recommending either that the case be closed since all issues have been appropriately addressed  or that there are still outstanding matters that Rigsrevisionen intends to follow up.

Ministerial statements and follow-up memoranda prepared by Rigsrevisionen are made public in the Final Report on the Government Accounts, which is submitted to parliament once a year by the Public Accounts Committee. The report on the government accounts forms the basis for the parliament’s approval of the government accounts for the fiscal year.

For further information, please contact Niels Gyldenvang Steffensen (+45 33 92 83 46).

Last updated on 25 September 2018

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