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Rigsrevisionen’s approach to annual audit is holistic. We examine the accounts of the department, agency or other government body and determine whether spending is in compliance with the appropriation. We also examine the performance of the agency against the objectives set, whether it has taken sound financial considerations into account and administered the appropriated funds economically, effectively and efficiently. Annual audit also includes payroll audit and IT audit. These are performed by our expert auditors. We do not audit all government areas every year, but select our audits on the basis of materiality and risk.

Strategic analyses provide the basis for Rigsrevisionen’s audit approach and serve to ensure that our audit is focused on risk and materiality. The concept of materiality includes both financial and non-financial issues and may therefore concern both the size of an amount and the importance that the Public Accounts Committee, the Danish parliament or the general public may be expected to attach to a specific issue. Risk concerns issues that may obstruct the agency’s achievement of its goals and lead to misstatement in the accounts, the annual report or the appropriation accounting.

For further information, please contact Niels Gyldenvang Steffensen (+45 33 92 83 46).

Last updated on 17 August 2016

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